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  1. where can I find the updated version of the article you published in 2010 headed “How much does the European Union cost Britain?

    Why is it that no one is focusing on what the costs are of being in the EU?

    Talk to Boris and Farage and get them to styart asking fore the P&L and the current Balance sheet that should be published by the EU, which should show, what we have contributed, what we have received, where and how the money is spent and which countries have benefited most from the money we have contributed, you will then win the minds of any intelligent person.


    W are the only ready made party which still has a structure of leadership and a growing number of local committees, is UKIP. We once had 4 million votes in a general election and if just 1 quarter of those signed up to UKIP membership, we would have the largest single party in British politics today by far. See what May and Corbyn would do about that !!!!
    The Teresa May lie has now been exposed. She herself has announced her detailed plan for scuppering our vote to LEAVE the EU which we, UKIP, made possible two years ago.
    So now we have seen and understood her betrayal, we must now therefore, join together and show the strength of our feelings against her and her Tory government. We cannot force an election and we have no MP's to speak for us, but what we do have is Numbers....a massive 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU and 4million UKIP votes were cast in the general election of 2015.
    If we could attract one quarter of the 4 million votes to join UKIP in the next few weeks and months, we, UKIP would have the largest membership of any political party in the UK. Surely there must be at least 1 million dissatisfied Tory and Labour voters who could swell our ranks and begin to put the fear of god in Mrs May and her cohorts before the next election and before the final Brexit deal is completed.
    Our voice will be numbers of members together with good speakers and the representation by senior Brexiteers. No longer would the press/media shut us out as they have done so recently. Our number and representers would force the media to take notice and our voices of protest would be heard. Our strength is numbers, and our finances at £5.00 membership would be £5 million pounds.
    If someone has an immediate better plan, please let me know.
    Peter Dimond

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